Y’all need to check out Joshua Thomas. Josh is a brilliant singer/song writer out of Philadelphia and is about to put out a new album! You can go to his Pledge Music page to help him get this album produced -Not only is he an incredibly talented musician but also an overall amazing guy (I love him to pieces). There are awesome prizes that go along with each donation, so go check it out!

newtails asked:

Oh boy! Your patterns are absolutely gorgeous! I would love to get into pattern making, and seeing your art was just a huge kick in the teeth to get on top of those goals! <3 Thanks for being a lovely source of inspiration for the day!

Girl get on it! So happy to hear I was a bit of inspiration for you! xx

harleydent asked:

Hi, First off I just want to say your work is amazing, and beautiful. Also, I was struck by the project your working on now ( the 2 birds with the flowers) and was wondering if I could have your permission to get it tattooed.

Thanks dear! You have my permission :) I would love to see pictures afterwards! #ajeillustration